Interface ThemeOverrides


  • BaseThemeOverrides
    • ThemeOverrides


avatar?: {
    background?: string;
    borderRadius?: string;

Type declaration

  • Optional background?: string

    Tint color of the background shown while loading the avatar.

  • Optional borderRadius?: string

    Defines wow round you want the avatar to appear.

avatarStack?: {
    spacing?: string;

Type declaration

  • Optional spacing?: string

    Spacing between avatars.

backgroundColor?: string

Background color of the panels.

borderColor?: string

Color of all the borders for the buttons.

borderRadius?: string

Border radius of panel and buttons

dangerColor?: string

Button color for leave button.

dangerContrastColor?: string

Color of text that appears on the on danger color items like buttons.

fontFamily?: string

Lets you define the font for the panel.

icons?: ThemeIcons
primaryColor?: string

Color applied to the join button and avatar border when speaking. Also applied to the widget button.

primaryContrastColor?: string

Color of text that appears on primary color items like buttons

subtextColor?: string

Color of text on secondary texts as panel subtitle, error detail, empty group detail, number of users.

textColor?: string

Color of text for primary texts as title, names, error title and empty title messages.