• The MediaPanel is the function that mounts the panel in your container element.


    How to initialize my panel?


    • target: Target
    • props: {
          channelId: string;
          client: Client;
          config?: DeepPartial<MediaPanelConfiguration>;
          theme?: DeepPartial<Theme>;
      • channelId: string

        The same channelId used while creating the Client.

      • client: Client

        Existing Client instance.

      • Optional config?: DeepPartial<MediaPanelConfiguration>

        The MediaPanel configuration that can be customized.

      • Optional theme?: DeepPartial<Theme>

        The MediaPanel theme options that can be customized.

    Returns {
        destroy: (() => void);
        update: (<U>(newProps: U) => void);

    • destroy: (() => void)
    • update: (<U>(newProps: U) => void)
        • <U>(newProps: U): void
        • You can update the panel's Configuration or Theme after it has been rendered.


           myPanel.update({ theme: updatedTheme, config: updatedConfig });

          Type Parameters

          • U extends DeepPartial<{
                channelId: string;
                client: Client;
                config: MediaPanelConfiguration;
                theme: Theme;

            Theme and/or MediaPanel configuration.


          • newProps: U

          Returns void