Interface ChatPanelConfigurationStrings


  • BasePanelConfigurationStrings
    • ChatPanelConfigurationStrings


chatComposerPlaceholder: string
emptyChatJoinedDescription: string
emptyChatNotJoinedDescription: string
emptyChatTitle: string
errorConnectionClosedMessage: string
errorConnectionClosedTitle: string
errorGenericLabel: string
errorGenericMessage: string
errorGenericTitle: string
errorInvalidChannelNameTitle: string
errorOnJoinGenericMessage: string
joinButton: string

Title to show on the join button.

Default Value


joinButtonTooltip: string

Shown below the panel title in the collapsed state only.

Default Value

Tap Join to start a conversation

leaveButton: string

Overrides the leave button title.

Default Value


privateChatDescription: string
privateChatTitle: string
retryButton: string

Overrides the retry button title.

Default Value


shareButton: string

Overrides the share button title.

Default Value


shareButtonSuccess: string

Overrides the share button success title.

Default Value

Copied to clipboard!

startButton: string

Title to show on the start button of the collapsed mode.

Default Value

Start Conversation

usersActiveLabel: string