Package io.aircore.panel.common.theme


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data class PanelColors(    val primary: Color = ColorDefaults.Primary,     val primaryContrast: Color = Color.White,     val danger: Color = ColorDefaults.Danger,     val dangerContrast: Color = Color.White,     val background: Color = Color.White,     val text: Color = Color.Black,     val border: Color = text.copy(alpha = AlphaDefaults.Border),     val subtext: Color = Color(0xFF8E8E93))

Color palette used by Aircore panels.

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data class PanelIconography @JvmOverloads constructor(    @DrawableRes val collapse: Int = IconDefaults.collapseIcon,     @DrawableRes val expand: Int = IconDefaults.expandIcon,     @DrawableRes val share: Int = IconDefaults.shareIcon,     @DrawableRes val overflowMenu: Int = IconDefaults.overflowMenuIcon,     @DrawableRes val join: Int = IconDefaults.joinCallIcon,     @DrawableRes val leave: Int = IconDefaults.leaveCallIcon,     @DrawableRes val micEnabled: Int = IconDefaults.micEnabledIcon,     @DrawableRes val micDisabled: Int = IconDefaults.micDisabledIcon)

Iconography used by Aircore panels.


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fun PanelsTheme(    colors: PanelColors = defaultPanelColors(),     icons: PanelIconography = defaultPanelIconography(),     avatarStyle: AvatarStyle = defaultAvatarStyle(),     avatarStackStyle: AvatarStackStyle = defaultAvatarStackStyle(),     content: @Composable () -> Unit)

Composable that applies the given theming values to all Aircore panels.